Friday, October 3, 2008

Isnt it important to fold the towels the 'right' way?

If your a women out there living with a man that has gone through boot camp you know that there is no way you can fight against the 'RIGHT' way to do anything. The towels are fine, i say...but according to him they need to be done again. Ok- so i give in. I 'fix' the mountain of towels i have spent the past 15 minutes folding while chasing my 2 year old every 3 minutes from destroying my work.

So how do we do this ladies? How do we win? Do they expect us to believe that everthing they learned in boot camp is, in fact, the 'right' way to fold towels, load the diswasher, and even schedule our mornings. eh- give me a break, we love you guys, we do...but at one point we must compromise.